Housing Benefits

Warrior Summit Coalition connects veterans with housing resources and services.  These services include housing options for homeless veterans, rent assistance for veterans, home purchasing assistance and placement services for high risk veterans.

Top VA Home Loan Myths

Did you know?

A new law in Illinois is increasing relief of property tax for disabled Illinois military veterans. The law expands eligibility for the Disabled Veterans' Standard Homestead Exemption for United States Department of Veterans Affairs certified service-connected disabilities of 30 percent or more. Under the new law, veterans with disabilities between 30 to 49 percent will be entitled to a $2,500 annual exemption; those with disabilities between 50 and 69 percent will be eligible for a $5,000 annual exemption; and those who are 70 percent disabled or more will be exempt from paying property taxes. Disabled veterans will see these savings when they pay their property taxes in 2016. Click to download pdf

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