Warrior Summit Coalition Causes

Warrior Summit Coalition works with our community partners to provide quality resources and events to empower transitioning service members and veteran.  Join and support  one of our causes and help enrich a veteran's quality of life.


Warrior Summit Resource Fair

The Warrior Summit is an empowering resource fair that unites veterans and the community.  By connecting military personnel, veterans and families to services, programs and benefits the Warrior Summit improves service member and veteran quality of life.

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Education & Transition Workshops

Whether it is going back to school or changing careers after military service Warrior Summit Coalition provides veterans with workshops and guidance in how to translate and articulate their skills and experiences preparing them for civilian workforce.

David krhon scholarship

The David Krhon Scholarship is a book scholarship to fill in the gaps where educational funding for veterans may leave off.  Each book scholarship given allows veterans, their spouse and or dependents to focus on completing their degree absent of worry and concern on how to pay for it.

family festival

The benefits of recreation therapy for Veterans include improving physical well being while maintaining a strong bond and network. The Family Fun Fest is a great opportunities to fellowship, network and bond with other service members in a fun filled enviornment. 

recreational events

Warrior Summit Coalition and it's community partners provide veterans and their families opportunities to attend a variety of activities to improve social functioning, leisure skill development and to enhance creative expression.